Irish Seed Savers Association
Irish Seed Savers Association aims to protect, conserve and utilise Irish plant genetic resources including rare heritage seeds, grains, vegetables and fruit; promote agricultural biodiversity for food security; educate the public on agricultural biodiversity and food security through information and workshops and to research seed, grain, vegetable and fruit varieties suited to Ireland’s temperate maritime climate.

The Heritage Council
The Heritage Council seeks to protect and enhance the richness, quality and diversity of our national heritage for everyone. It works with its partners, particularly at local level, to increase awareness of our national heritage and to highlight its importance to public policy and everyday life.

National Biodiversity Data Centre
The National Biodiversity Data Centre is  dedicated to the collation, management, analysis and dissemination of data and information on Ireland’s biological diversity. It acts as a hub for the exchange of data between governmental organisations, NGOs, research institutions and volunteer recorders.

Invasive Species Ireland
Ireland’s Most Unwanted! Invasive species are species that have been introduced (deliberately or accidentally) by humans and have a negative impact on the economy, wildlife or habitats of Ireland and Northern Ireland. After habitat loss, invasive species are the second biggest threat to biodiversity worldwide, and the biggest threat on islands.

Irish Wildlife Trust
The IWT is a conservation charity committed to raising awareness of Ireland’s rich natural heritage and protecting it for future generations.

Irish Wildlife Matters
Irish Wildlife Matters provides information on Irish wildlife rescue and first aid that includes a reference tool for veterinary surgeons for the treatment of wildlife casualties.

Leave No Trace
Promoting responsible use of the outdoors.

Organic Seed Suppliers

Irish Seed Savers Association
Fruithill Farm
Brown Envelope
The Real Seed Catalogue

Organic Certification Bodies

Organic Trust

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